home country with slim randles 7pm-9pm


Call it sour grapes if you want, but the country music out of Nashville has changed...and not for better. It used to be that an act was recruited, recorded, and sent down the road to some of the rankest honky tonks in the country to learn the ropes. Call it a troubador bootcamp if you want. 

Now Nashville is stuck on finding a pretty boy or girl with a million or so instagram followers. Most can't sing a note and rely on autotune (google it) to make a record. Then they go off on a big arena tour with a bunch of other "can't sing a song pretty boys". This music is promoted to all the corporate run radio stations as country music. Deals are made so that Johnny "can't sing a note" gets played on these so called country stations, and then it's jammed down your throat.

Real country music isn't always pretty to look at. They sing about being heartbroke, losing the farm, losing the job....just real life.

That's what we play. Now don't go to thinking that means we just play old country, because you would be dead wrong. There are a lot of NEW TRADITIONAL country acts that don't have the big money to buy their way in to stardom. These are the guys and gals that ARE playing the clubs on the weekends and working a job installing tile or teaching school during the week. These are the new stars of real country music.

Now you know about the music we play, and why we play it. No corporate decision playlist here. We do it locally based on the music we get. With that in mind don't you think we might be worth a listen?

Give us a minimum of 30 minutes for a listen. You don't have to stop what you're doing, just put us on and go about your day. You'll hear some music you know mixed with music you've never heard before. It may take a few times to hear some of the new songs before it grows on you. It's ok. What you will hear is all country music.

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