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Mountain Country 107.9 Weather Kids

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We're looking for a few good....Weather kids!!!


Do you have a kid that has the gift of gab and is comfortable in front of a microphone and audience? We're looking for a few good kids to be 'Mountain Country 107.9 Weather Kids' !


If your child is picked, they will be invited to come to our studio and record the weather forcast for both the day and evening hours. Thoughout the day your child will be heard advising Alpine residents of the forcast and conditions on an hourly basis.


Your child must be able to do the following:


1. Follow basic instructions a simple prepared script of up to 50 words or be able to follow verbal cue's and repeat


3. Be available for a brief 15 minute recording session at our Alpine studio between 5:30AM-7:30AM weekdays and be in the company of a parent or guardian over the age of 18


4. Your Child's picture will be taken during the recording session and shared with our facebook followers.




Hi, my name is Jessie Smith, I'm in the 5th grade at Shadow Hills Elementary School and I am today's Mountain Country weather kid. The forcast for today is calling for sunny skies and a high of 95. Tonight we have a 30% chance of rain and an overnight low of 62. Tomorrow you can expect cloudy skies and a 50% chance of rain. Thats a look at the weather - I'm jessie Smith for Mountain Country 107.9 FM


5. Parents, you'll have the option to order a CD of the recorded weather forcasts for a $10 donation to Alpine's non-profit community radio station if your child is picked.


To get started, please fill out the form to your right and let us know why your child would make a GREAT weather kid. We will be in touch as soon as possible!


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