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Chris Torrick 10am-2pm

My name is Chris - station manager of Alpine's community radio station. I am blessed to be here. I was born on the east coast and moved all over. That's the job of a 'Navy Brat'. Thankfully, I spent my teenage years in East County and I never forgot this place.


My career has taken me all over the Country and I have been so incredibly blessed to make a bunch of friends and work at some of the best radio stations in the USA. Like many I stepped away from radio when consolidation changed the radio dial. Many places don't have local voices on the radio anymore, and that made me sad. Radio has always been local to me and I'd hate to think that a future "Shotgun Tom" won't have a chance to be heard because of the changes. Did I mention it made me sad? I digress...


I was working in Oklahoma City when the opportunity to move to Alpine and lead this community radio station came my way. On my Birthday in October 2012 the Lord sent my family and I here for one of the most exciting adventures ever, and we never looked back. My kids Grayson and Aubrey absolutely love Alpine and San Diego County.


My promise to you is to focus on great music and keep you up to date on stuff happening in the area. I would never crack a joke on the air that's something the kids should not hear. I have kids that ask a lot of questions about what they hear. I don't want to put you in an awkward situation.


I hope that you will get to listen to your community radio station that plays county music and features all sorts of local programs and views. We play 56 minute music hours all day long while you work. Did you know that most San Diego stations play 15-20 minutes of commercials each hour? Not us. Thanks for listening and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.


Be Blessed!


chris torrick