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Coming Soon  To 88.1 FM

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Hello Alpine!


As the Station Manager of Alpine's non-profit community radio station, I have some very exciting news to share.


Many of you have shared how much you love having a local voice on the radio dial, but you were frustrated about the signal strength of our community station.That is about to change!


KRLY has a very exciting opportunity to improve our signal and serve Alpine better.


With your support "Mountain Country 107.9" will soon broadcast on a second frequency south of Alpine on 88.1FM. A broadcast construction permit for the 88.1 frequency has been issued by the Federal Communications Comission in Washington DC as a translator radio service.


A translator rebroadcasts an existing radio station (in our case 107.9FM) on a 2nd frequency. The goal of the translator is to increase local radio service to Alpine and help us overcome our existing terrain challenges that we have on 107.9FM. This means less static, less interference and more great music and local programming for Alpine - locally produced from our Alpine studio.


The application for 88.1 was filed in 2001 and has taken a long time to go through the rigorous approval process. The broadcaster that filed for the license was approved in November 2014 and has decided not to build out the Alpine station. We have an agreement with Calvary Chapel Church in Twin Falls Idaho to purchase the broadcast license for $25,000. Once the agreement was made, our engineering team went to work to find a suitable location to host a low profile broadcast antenna. We were able to secure that location for a long term lease in February 2015.


The cost for the transfer of the broadcast license and the equipment and labor to get the signal on the air will total around $50,000. It's not a lot of money for a project like this, but we dont have it on hand to pay.


As a non-profit community radio station, we are asking for your help. There are several different ways to get involved, so we hope that you will review the next few pages to see what you can do to help.


Thank you for your continued support and interest in Alpine's non-profit community radio station!




Chris Torrick

Station Manager



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